Hi Lisa. I’m so very proud of you and I pray that you go from strength to strength for your exclusive and unique high quality shoes. You are to be admired for what you have built up and for how hard you must have worked. Your warmth, kindness and care for your customers is also truly unique. Well done!! I’m so excited about my 5 pairs of stunning Princess Loafers. With thanks. 

– Lorna Exsteen

Hi Lisa. What a wonderfully happy experience I had in ordering my 5 exquisite pairs of Loafers from you. Your warmth, patience and kindness bowled me over!! Your lovely attitude and the quality of your shoes are truly unique. Because of this, I will be a regular customer and will look no further than the Lisa King Collection. I wish you well with many blessings.

– Lorna Exsteen

Hello Lisa, I finally got a chance to go into town and get the shoes. I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!!!! Never have I ever seen such pretty shoes in such high quality. Once again….thanks a million. In a nutshell….best service, best quality, prettiest shoes. Be proud of your product. It’s amazing. I am now a Lisa King customer for life, come winter I am getting some boots laughing No doubt I’ll feel like a princess these shoes…. Best .”

– Chanelle

” Thank you Lisa for turning virtual shopping into an instant reality. The most beautiful pair of shoes was delivered to me today.Up to now I only bought the princess loafers, but this pair of LK pumps are the most beautiful pair of shoes ever & it is a perfect fit!Thank you for the most awesome pair of shoes!X ”

– Lucille

” Hi Lisa, I was in your shop today, and I sang your shoes’ praises to the lovely man who always helps me, and he said that i should write to you, which i now do. I am sure you get a lot of these emails, and you might be tired of them but I don’t mind repeating what is an absolute truth! I am Anna and i just want to say that I love your shoes a lot! Besides the shoes being elegant, they are the most comfortable I have ever worn! Eight years ago, I had a serious car accident, and after that, I had to adjust considerably: Before, I always wore high heels -and I was (and am) a absolute shoe-addict- but to suddenly being restricted to flat shoes, was one of the major disasters, till i came across your shoes (in Franschhoek for the first time). Since then, i have worn them all the time, in all colours and design- always so beautiful! Today, i bough the leopard sandals, as I follow the summer, this is, I go to Europe. Thank you a lot, and as a schoolteacher would say, keep up the good work! Friendly regards.”

– Anna

” Hi Lisa, I collected my pumps yesterday from the shop and met your delightful Mum. I also departed with 2 pairs of shoes, having found a nice green pair in the “sales” bin! I christened the new pair last night and have been wearing the pumps all day today – such comfort. So all worth the wait. Thanks for your care and concern”

– Daphne

” You have no idea how much she, her mom & her sister love your shoes. Everywhere from Camping in Botswana & Namibia to shopping in Sandton. They say it is so comfortable they where it everywhere.”

– Tyler Petersen

” Hello Firstly I just love your shoes! They are so comfortable and just look drop dead gorgeous! Thank you Kind Regards”

– Coral Niemand

” Hi Pat, I received my shoes today and I do not want to get out of them. They fit perfectly and is very comfortable. Kind Regards ”

– Hanli Joubert

” Thanks Lisa!! Wearing my red ones today, absolutely love your shoes!!! I have 6 pairs!!!”

– Anita Van Niekerk nee Morgan

” Dear Lisa, I did thank-you very much. My mother has subsequently bought me the navy (I think she spoke to you) I love your shoes and have 6 pairs and 1 pair of your boots.”

– Lauren Jorgensen “Frameless Showers”

” I received the shoes today – thank you very much 🙂 Happy feet ! Regards

– Claudia

” Good morning , Thank you very much. I have received my shoes and I they all fit and I will wear them with great pride. I love Lisa King shoes.”

– Marianna

“Dear Lisa – I have received my two pairs of baby dolls and want to congratulate you with the packaging. It was very exciting to unwrap the shoes and then also to find them in the lovely satin Lisa King Collection bags. Thank you very much. I will be a regular customer from now on!”

– Magdel M and M Enterprises

” OMG Lisa King thank you so very much, my shoes and boots are amazing!!! Wow I’m soooo thrilled and it fits perfectly perfect!!!!!! What a treat to have such quality for a change!! Have a great evening!”

– Erica Gross

” Hey Lisa , I meant to email you on Friday already to say I have the shoes and I love them to bits and they fit perfectly and I am wearing them proudly for the first time today :)”

– Nikki Shine “Discovery Health”

” Dear Lisa , I am not sure how often you hear from customers but I just want to commend you on an awesome product. Well done to you for developing this beautiful, comfortable shoe. I am definately fortunate to have discovered your product! All the best for your business.”

– Marelize Vlok