What is the LKC CLUB ?

Becoming a member of the LKC CLUB enables you to take part in our exciting pre-order offers at an incredible deal!

How will pre-ordering my shoes benefit me?
  1. It ensures you get the exact style/colour/size shoe that you are wanting with effortless ordering and delivery straight to your door.  Personalised shopping at its best!

It eliminates getting frustrated when not having your shoe size in stock!


  1. You become part of a sustainable shoe purchasing solution and our pre-ordering system enables our factory to only manufacture what is needed.

Pre-ordering is becoming a global trend, a trend that has the potential to reduce huge amounts of unnecessary waste. 

We are therefore moving towards this business model where we won’t be holding a lot of stock in the future.


  1. Pre-ordering does come with a little bit of a wait and shoes will be delivered within 2-3 months from the date of your order.

To make this wait a little more bearable we have decided to offer an incredible discount on all pre-ordered shoes!


Is there a Membership cost involved?

YES. Membership includes pre-ordering your first pair at Full Retail of R1600.00 plus courier.  The rest of your pre-orders thereafter are at a reduced price of less 20% for the remaining of the year from date of sign up!

How do I know what the courier cost is door to door and do I add this on to the R1600.00?
YES. To a major city is R165 and to a non regional is R260.00
How do I pay when wanting to become a member and thereafter for other orders?
You pay the correct amount of R1765.00 (major city) or R1825.00 (non regional) by doing an EFT into the below bank account.

The amount to your location includes your courier door to door.  Your next emailed pre-orders will be at less 20% and also paid by EFT.


Lisa King

Capitec Bank

Branch 470010

Account: 1979555573

Swift code: CABLZAJJ

What styles are currently on offer to order and where do I go to choose them?

Currently Princess loafers and Pumps shown in the LKC CLUB catalogues in the drop down menu at the top of the website.

Where do I sign up and order?

Go to the Sign up section under the LKC CLUB menu, fill in your details and order/s and click Submit.

What if I want to order more than 1 pair?
Your first pair is at R1600.00 and your next ones are at R1280.00 per pair plus courier.
Do I get a Membership number?

YES.  Once you have sent Proof of Payment for your pair/s to info@lisakingonline.co.za you will receive a reply with your Membership number.

For any other questions, please email Lisa on the above email address.

Welcome to the LKC CLUB ladies and thank you for all your Loyal Support over the years!